Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Always keeping alert make myself tired..
All I want are someone that can lead me , fight with me .. Against me ..
This is what a partner should have..
So we can fight for long time and keep improving..

An aggressive people.. It won't be hard.. Has a aim.. And aimed for it..

But everytime I got from u.. Is disappointed ..
I thought i can be a character that lead u to a good way.. But end up.. It doesn't work.. Maybe we got no discipline ?
And I just realised, if someone not appreciate it, all you have done is just giving another one pressure instead of favour him..

What should I tell you? A good way to make our future life more bright?

Speechless.. Atleast I'm still rescuing myself...
Go on!! Aim it!!
Assignment time ..

So keep run run run!!

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