Thursday, April 5, 2012

Checklist of Love

well, i just watched a nice movie which talk about what LOVE is it..and searching a guy who is fulfill her's quite funny and interesting...

The girl inside the movie are searching a man who is fulfill her 10 requirement..however..
not even one fulfill all of them...

maybe every girl has their checklist..their requirement to a man..a BOYFRIEND..
so what's yours?

for DREAM guy ...i wish to be..(if really want me to figure out 10...)

  • has a gorgeous look( not having a gorgeous look too..since it's DREAM..xD)
  • good in fashion sense(at least know how to wear in mature look..damn i love boy with suit)
  • know how to enjoy life,yup..have almost match in food-style...(probable i don't mind i love to eat salmon and he love to eat the rice..xD)
  • Knowledgeable (i don't need a professor...just need some level that can attract me.. ha-ha..)
  • kissing skill good yeah..(actually i kinda of fancy in kiss that without my permission...lolz..properly TW drama side effect..)
  • taller than me...(175++)
  • no need a rich man..but need a man who willing to spend money for me...
  • hmm..make me important...
  • will do crazy stuff...(it's mean..hmm....suddenly go trip in a normal time..throw off everything here...or go somewhere at midnight...just do something not in plan...xD)
  • the last n the most important...CARING(as u quite shy in sometime...i didnt speak it doenst mean..i dont like it... a more concern to detail girl^^)

lolz..but lastly i found out....
all those checklist is just a bull shit..xD..
ALL I just...

most of girl have their checklist..yes...a DREAM man..
but what u will realized is the boy that u holding his hand doesn't really look like what u thought..
but u will never leave him...since he is the one who stolen your heart...

the movie end up with the gal get together with a boy which is not even fulfill her one requirement in the list..

so..this is what LOVE about...xD..

Wish all the girl in the world get what they want..Enjoy~~

alright finish rubbish stuff...go on to