Saturday, December 26, 2009


we wish u a merry christmas..hehe
another years of xmas...i love d xmas feel..feel so warm..
tis year xmas..we decide to go The caves to hav our romance dinner..
izit nice..?
tis d 1st time i come to d cave...feel gud..n so beautiful..
we reserve a private place n add on d candle..omg..i love d feel...wholde table wif d roses..n d light~~so sweet~~thr r only provide a set of christmas meal it cost RM88++..
but it's come veri fast..gud 4 us..since we r hungry..hehe..
tis is d side dish..SMOKE SALMON MAKI SALAD and CHICKEN SOUP..well i dun think it's taste nice..hehe..but nvm..d point i come here..jz wanna romance...n sweet...shh~~tis is d main dish tat i order...beef wif red wine sauce..yummi..i love their main dish..sound order a lamb's yummi too..but i hav no pic now..i 'll update soon..
tis is d dessert..i love their dessert..erm..yummi~~CREAM CHEESE WITH RASBERRY..
izit look kawaii..?hehe...jz wanna say..muackxxzz....i love it..wat u gave...
tis is d present tat b give...i love d smell of DKNY perfume..exspecially d blossom 1..hehe..d most delicious..exspecially b love it..hehe..
a sweet ya~


tis is wat i took during xmas..thr are all so beautiful..
tis is how d legend hotel design...
pavilion huge xmas treeswith a veri gorgeous design...
midvally...dun u think look like harry potters style..?times square..hmmxx..better den last years..gud job..haha~garden...a xmas pekpek thr~~hohoho~~times square..~ hmmxx..i never realize b4 tat malaysia hav those nice design place ...hehe...anywayz..
merry christmas..feel warm in heart...~~

Friday, December 25, 2009


I love to eat western food dam much~~
tis is wat i ate b4..n now i intro 4 u guys..
wow..look at tis ice cream...雪山飞狐 ice cream...wif d smoke...
it will look attrative when d waitress r taking out tis ice many ppl staring at..geehee..
it's not reali jz cost u around RM5 or 6...4get dy...paiseh..
tis d chicken chop tat we always order..
chicken marryland...yummi...tis is D ONLY n EVER chicken marryland tat i feel is d yummi~est~~
thr is full feel with cheese n ham...
is veri worth to order it...if u havent try b4..tis a gud choose..
d location is on d SAGA ,cheras thr...
tis is my favourite..mayb not everyone can accept..hehe..
but it's reali look full fill cheese n garlic...
yummi yummi小蜗牛
okiez...dun feel vomit when u read it...
tis is another location..
tis a d chicken satay chop@@duno wat name la..tat we order at cheras of d steak dear fren..since im not reali know how to recognize d hav a call to mii..when u wanna know whr izit..hahahahaha..stupid la mi...lamb chop tat i hav..i dun reali like it..kinda keras...yummi chesse garlic braed...but i dun think got garlic inside...i jz feel all should call chesse bread...
tis is d chicken chop tat i ate in dolphin,Cheras...
erm..sori tat i 4gt to take pic...
is veri worth to hav it n yummi..
tis set jz cost 7 sumthing..n u will get a jasmine tea..watermelon..soup of d day..n d main dish chicken chop..thr r many choices too..
nasi lemak..chikenchop rice...n more..
haha...another favourite i order...yummi...same wif d saga 1...yummi n nice..but u hav to c d cooker's moods..sumtimes..thy simply cook..sigh..nowadays all cooker are so not resposible to their not saying all..haha..

okiez..actually i ate alot of thing..but lazi to post up..or hav a look to others post..thr oso a lot of food's pic hiding inside tat yummi..
muahaha..i feel like hungry now..
can i hav a steak now mummi~~~~~~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Another working day...1day only~~XD..
tis is a simple job..from 8 to 12...infront of d MOS..stand thr n take picture..
i n my bestie Eki are working together ...i love d feel we working together..ateast i got ppl tat can complain to...ling~my leg are veri pain wif d high heel..haha..
c..bside us all are Lotus car's so attractive..i hope i can get 1~naH~~dream la...

tis is one of d design tat i love.. we chg our clothes in d toilet..can u blief it..?we use half an hour to chg...haha..ofcoz my agent are kep calling us to go out le..XD..dun angry nehxx...
a purple dress tat thy provide to us...
after around 11..all ppl are go inside d mos...thr r a function inside wif d show too..
we get d free ticket to go in after work..
oyeah..wat's a great job..geehehe... usual..jz our clothes again..n take pic again...mami..we love d toilet..? c my hand..thre is a painting tattoo tat my agent wan mi to hav show to others@@...she say u think so..?

okiez..altot jz few hour 4 d work..but i feel dam tired wif my leg..cant u imaging wearing a 4 inch high heel...stand thr for few hours...done...i ned sum rest...wif steak..yummi~~

my b cum n fetch mii n bring mii to Station's veri yummi wif d lamb chop..nice to hav a's cost rm16 sumthing only...

n sure wif my favourite vanila blended...station 1 use vanila ice cream to make d's delicious for mii...hehe..kiez la..ned to hav a rest..dear sori to u..why i love to wear high heel..why im not175..hahaha.


Monday, December 14, 2009


thy are a lot of xmas music when we are shopping..
i n my family come to singapore..singapore~~mizz u my hometown~~
orchard road...wat a nice place..wif lots of

hmmxx..thr is a big christmas tree bside d's big..mayb tis photo cant describe how big it's..
sound normal ritez..?go inside n hav a look~~..thr a door now d tree my mumi to take a kawaii pic..i love u mum~~jingel belL~~jingle bell~~tis is wat inside d tree...gorgeous>_<..omg..i never c tis kind of beautiful light b4... nice...u reali hav to go n hav a's will so dam beautiful..tis a chritmas tree in a chocalate shop..omg..thr are a lot of choc tat u cant found in Q..okiez..tis are sumthing i found it..u can skip it if u dun like..hahaXD

after sum crazy shopping...we go to d foodcourt in d's so beautiful izit..?
jz a simple foodcourt but hav diff design of table n chair..
i love their lamp...dun u think so nice..?
tis is wat i order..erm...猪肉虾米米粉...tis is wat my mum n my sis order..海南鸡饭haha...nth do..take sum pic in d toilet..omg..i got no make up...shh...
waiting my mum buy bag...sigh..taking picture ...boring~~
wow..tis is wat my favourite..i found tat a lot of bread shop in sg tat r creative wif diff design..n ofcoz..nice to eat too..well..mayb malaysia hav less of craetive design cake...o..jealous nehxx..
hehe...i saw 1 hello kitty phone..izit nice?so kawaii..mumi can i hav 1?tis is d bread i love to...well..never c on malaysia..
sori tat i take a pic tat not clear..since im walking n eating..XD
okiez...finish kinda lazi to upload pic..thr are a lots pictures..
hmmxx..but i found 1 things tat almost all singaporean are wearing slippers..tis gud...
coz i can feel how suffer izit to wearing a high heel to shopping..
mumi i wan buy a slippers too...haha
after my sis do her id card..den we bk to malaysia..
cya my singapore..