Sunday, November 29, 2009

远久的归来 心依旧

有人问女孩 为何你的理智精灵那么小的?
精灵回答女孩 因为女孩 是感性动物 所以理性很少

精灵问这人 那么几时我会变得更小呢?

精灵说 当女孩遇到爱情的时候 理智就看似如此渺小。


Friday, November 27, 2009


today is d book fair last day...
my sis n i go to hav a BIG SHOPPING..
since we both love to read novel..
we got many book bk...omg...i use all of my money...kesian nehxx..bankrupcy le..
who can imagine tat buy novel can make till a person bankrup...
wow..c wat we lovely novel tat written by小妮子 N 郭妮...
thy are so dam famous..
it's so hard 4 us to get all those complete edition...since thy are so many 无知少女wanna buy not saying lovely vampire love story...lastly..i got u all love..DEMON PRINCE...i love tis book cover...dun u think so..? time to hav a private date wif my novel~darling~~i cum nehxx~~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

sunway interview trip~~

sunway xmas theme..izit nice?
today i ned go interview to my manager..abt de roadshow of a energy drink..sound like provide energy..
after d interview..
my dar meisy n i go to hav our lunch at sakae sushi...
ya..wont 4get oso..ley n jason's bro are go wif us too..
but since thy are 2 ladies walking infront to shopping..bhind tat 2 can b act as invisible..hahhaa..

darling n i..sweet pic nehxx..
dar meisy driking d tea..
i love sakae sushi 's kind of korean tea..

haha..look jason's bro ...he cute when i take d pic..

do u think he can help sakae sushi to promote d how d yummi sushi?hehe..

last but not bro..leY~~look he soo concerntrate to hav his lunch...
he so gud..tat come to sentul to fetch mii to sunway to interview..well..u know how far from klang to sentul..n go bk sunway again~~thkxx~~ley~~

wah..c how many food we order..darling know i love to eat salmon..she order wholde table of salmon 4 mii@@..dar i cant eat finish la~~~~

salmon roll..i love it..

my tepanyaki salmon@@d pic quality not reali gud to describe how yummi tis food are..
d waitress tell mii tat a lot of ppl come sakae sushi jz order i hav a try..gegege..
is kinda yummi too^^
is time to finish tis post..XD~

Monday, November 23, 2009


aloha my little blog..since i got long time no update my blog..
so i decide to update it today...all happen around december~!!yes listen wrg~~ALL~~..
sori kinda gud mood today..tat's why abit siao..dun blame mii guys..XD..

let c...refers to my memory...wat should i write on tis post...
oyaoya...a sweet story.. should start like tis..
once upon a time..a Q twins...i mention a VERI CUTE twins..
thy go Times Square to hav their date..&^%*&(..
kiez la..since i promise my sis to brg her out if she got pass in d exam=.=wat a poor thing..pass...sigh..

tis is where we neway k box..XD...toilet...nehxx..izit we so kawaii..@@...hahahaha

wholde table of food@@..ahhahah~~but seriously...neway's food is kinda yummi...if vs wif greenbox..hahaha..

tis call..duno wat le..but d wedges n d spicy taufu is kinda yummi..

tis is wat my sis order..cheezy chicken rice...yummi~~i love it..

d ice cream tat i brg my sis to's choc flavour's yummi~!!

no fat..jz yummi~~

look at her...kawaii nehxx~~

brg her to kenny roaster..
wah...c..she eat so many...
since im ful enuf..tat why i didnt eat..

well tat a time to bk home..altot my sis are not feeling bk home..but since im not well..den we go bk after we hav our dinner...=.=...